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Saturday Jan. 15 Zoom General Meeting.

*Saturday Jan 23, 2022 Oyster Run

CONTACT: Larry Ayers


*Saturday, Feb. 12, Tour Dick DeLuna’s Auto

Collection- Woodside / Celebrate Chinese New Year

at Gin Mon at a local Belmont Restaurant.

CONTACT: Fred Thompson at

*Sunday, March 20 Cobra Museum in Martinez

CONTACT: Paul Merchant


Friday, April 1-3 CSRG Sonoma Historic Car Races
*Sunday April 10-14: Finding Fault at the Pinnacles

CONTACT: Ellen Jo Baron
*Sunday, April 24, Pacific Coast Dream Machines

Contact: Paul Marchant/Chris Hall for coral information.

*Wednesday, May 10-12 Spring Mog

CONTACT: John Burks:
Sunday, May 22: All British Motor Vehicle Show

and Swap Meet Dixon Fair Grounds


TBD: Lunch with a WOP

CONTACT: John Grosseto

*Friday, July 8-10 MOGWEST, Cambria

CONTACT: Elaine Fisher

*Friday, August 19: Party at the@ STECKS HOME

Carmel, CA
Wed. 17-20: Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion

Sunday, 21st: Pebble Beach Concours

(we will keep you informed stay informed as events dictate)


*Sunday, September 4, Run and Party

@ Paul Cowley Vineyard

CONTACT: Paul Cowley
*Friday, September 23-?: FLOGMOG/

Ironstone Concours

CONTACT: John Grosseto


*DTBD, Octoberfest/Nominations

Meet & greet at the Hamiltons

CONTACT: Joyce Hamilton


TBD - Turkey Trot


Sunday Dec. 4 or 11:

Morgan Club Christmas Party

CONTACT; Elaine Fisher
Sunday 26:Boxing Day

CONTACT: Wendell Bain

2022 Events Calendar