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*Friday, August 19: Party at the@ STECKS HOME

Carmel, CA

Wed. 17-20: Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion

Sunday, 21st: Pebble Beach Concours

(we will keep you informed stay informed as events dictate)


*Sunday, September 4, Run and Party

@ Paul Cowley Vineyard

CONTACT: Paul Cowley

*Friday, September 23-24

Ironstone Concours

CONTACT: John Grosseto

*September 25-28: FLOGMOG

CONTACT: John Grosseto

*DTBD, Octoberfest/Nominations


TBD - Turkey Trot


Sunday Dec. 11:

Morgan Club Christmas Party

CONTACT; Elaine Fisher

Sunday 26: Boxing Day

CONTACT: Wendell Bain

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